Kind to Yourself

As important as it is to be kind to others, it is equally important to be kind to yourself.

This week is finals week for us college students and we are not okay. At least I know I’m not. I am running on less than 2 hours of sleep and I still have so much to do.

This week especially I remember to practice patience and kindness with others, but I continuously forget to practice that with myself. I become easily frustrated and discouraged with my studies, I push myself until I cannot go anymore. And after talking to other students and even teachers on my campus, I have realized that I am not the only one who feels this way.

So I decided to use this blog post as an opportunity to remind people the importance of showing kindness to themselves. So I walked around my campus and asked people to finish the sentence “I like my…” with a trait that they like about themselves. My goal was to make people remember to be kind to themselves, and bring a smile to their face during a stressful time.

Now, after I was done making some smiles on campus I needed to go home and make some smiles of my own. So, I made a video to walk you through my night of my favorite things. Everyone’s happiness comes in different forms, and what makes me happy may not be what makes you happy. Never stop searching for things or people that make you smile.

One thing that I did not include in my video is the importance of music. Music can change my mood in a heartbeat. Here is my Sunshine playlist filled with songs that brighten my day!


Kindness Spotted

Kindness Spotted in the form of my professor and her empathy for my hectic life

This last week was a crazy and almost impossible one to get through. Through all of this I also had a video project due. I love school and I know how to manage my time as well as any college student but the universe was seriously against me doing this project.

I decided to do my original video project at our local mall but it just was not happening.

  • The first time I was supposed to go I had an emergency and had to reschedule
  • Second time, the power had gone out
  • Third time, they closed early
  • Fourth time, they opened too late and I had to get to class
  • Fifth time, my boyfriend’s car broke down and he needed a ride.

I know that seems like just a long, made-up excuse but I promise it is true.

Now as much as I love my professor (I mean, shes amazing) she is known for being strict with deadlines and grades and just about everything. But, after going to her office and explaining everything to her, she gave me an extension. I don’t know if it was the stress I obviously had written across my face or the bags under my eyes, but she gave me the break I needed.

Her one act of kindness turned my impossible week, possible. It gave me a sense of relief. I am truly grateful that I have professors like her.

And since I know you’re reading this Mrs. Kasovich, this is my way of saying thank you.

Kindness Spotted

The only thing I love more than being kind is having others be kind to one another. There is a slight biased bonus when they’re being kind to me.

This weekend I went with my boyfriend to a golf tour in Lafayette. It was a beautiful day, the grass was green, the wind was blowing and the sun was out. For the past few months sun has been a rarity in South Louisiana, so feeling the sun on my skin was amazing. But, with sun comes sunburn.

Now, I am a pale person, I will be the first to admit that I burn fast like fried chicken. While watching the golfers putt Hole 5 I started feeling my skin turn red. I began to panic and dig through my purse, just to find that I left my sunscreen at home. A mom there with her kids noticed and pulled out her sunscreen for me to use. I was so grateful!

Her giving me just a little bit of sunscreen from her bottle turned my mood around. I could actually return to enjoying the game and the day with my boyfriend. If we all helped each other out when we needed a hand, we could make this world a better place. Shout out to golfer mom, you are the MVP of the tournament in my book.

Thank you to the golfer who signed our golf ball, we were obviously very excited.

Find a Penny

Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck! Here’s a cheap and easy kindness project to bring luck to others.

I don’t know about you, but I pick up a penny every chance I get to help bring myself a little luck. Whether or not you believe in the “power” of good luck, finding a penny gives you a little hope that positive things are coming your way.

Next time you get some change from shopping, eating out, or digging in your couch, leave it outside for someone to find. Try placing the penny in an obvious place like a sidewalk or a picnic table. Sprinkle your pennies like confetti!

How to be kind at Mardi Gras 101

Through all the crazy that is Mardi Gras season here is a few tips on how to stay kind to those around you.

1.) Be aware of the kids around you. If someone on the float throws a bear to a kid, don’t be the person that reaches above and takes it from them.

2.) Thank the float-riders!! If they throw you something make sure you give them a nice wave. As excited as you are to catch something, they are just as excited to throw it to you. Think of it like a gift. You would never receive a gift from someone without thanking them.

3.) Don’t steal someones spot by pushing them out of the way. That is just ugly.

4.) Don’t post people’s embarrassing drunken moments all over social media. That can be someones mom, grandpa, boss, etc. and you do not want to hurt their reputation. If you wouldn’t want it posted of you, don’t do it to them.

5.) Pro-Tip from my Grandmother: Know how to point people in the direction of the nearest port-a-potty.

Senior Citizen Sock Hop

Last week’s kindness project was a little more work but a whole lot of fun. A sock hop at a senior living facility!

One of my favorite things to do is visit the seniors at my local senior living facility. Every time I go they make me feel so welcomed and they teach me so much, so I decided it was time to give back to them. I met with the my university’s Student Government Association and we planned a sock hop for the residents. We made root beer floats and we all practiced our jitterbug and jive in order to make sure that our guests had the best time.

When we arrived we hung up decorations and started to play some popular 50’s tunes. The smiles on their faces was worth all of the time and planning that we all put into making this event one that they’ll remember. What was even better is that all of the students that attended had just as much fun.

Not everyone has to plan an event like this one, but everyone should make time to volunteer at their local senior home. It is an absolute blast and it makes a world of difference for all involved.

Kindness Spotted

This week I was a little overwhelmed with school, getting a new job, and some Mardi Gras madness that I did not get to complete a kindness project like I usually like to. I was really upset over it all until I went grocery shopping today.

Since I live in a small college town the grocery store on Sundays is usually filled with students trying to get ready for the week. Well, when I went today I spotted an elderly couple trying to get through their list. The wife was a sweet short lady and the husband was confined to a wheel-chair, making it hard for either of them to reach the cereal on the top shelf. I’m quite short myself so when I tried to help I couldn’t reach either. I stayed with them for a minute to talk about a baseball game with the husband while we still tried to get that top-shelf cereal.

Then came a really tall college student who assisted the couple in reaching everything they needed in that aisle. He then made sure that they didn’t need any more help before going back to his own list.

Although that was just a small act of kindness that young man’s patience and empathy made all the difference. If we had more people like him, who are willing to take just a moment out of their days to help someone else, the world is guaranteed to be a better place. This week try to help make a difference in someone’s day by holding the door, putting their bags in the car, or anything else that may make them smile.

Sticky Note Smiles #protip

For all of those who loved the sticky note smiles project, here is a quick way to make it a little easier.

Unlike most girls my age I have almost illegible handwriting, so it made this sticky note project a little harder for me. To help me to continue to do one of my favorite act of kindness, I got a pre-made sticky note book. The one I have is called “Positive Posts” by Papier De Maison.

I like to carry the book in my purse, to make it easy to add a few notes when I am out running errands.

Sticky Note Smiles

This is an easy kindness project that people of all ages can do, you just need some sticky notes and a pen!

One of my favorite kindness projects is this super easy one! You just take a stack of sticky notes and write cute little sayings on them, such as: “you rock”, “make sure you smile”, “have a great day”, etc. After you have all of your notes go around and secretly stick them on the side-view mirrors of peoples cars, or in a hallway. No matter where you place them you are guaranteed to make someone smile!

My favorite place is the side view mirror, putting it there makes the receiver feel special. When I go into a parking lot with my book of sticky notes I feel as if God is helping guide me to the cars who may especially need a nice note today.