How to be kind at Mardi Gras 101

Through all the crazy that is Mardi Gras season here is a few tips on how to stay kind to those around you.

1.) Be aware of the kids around you. If someone on the float throws a bear to a kid, don’t be the person that reaches above and takes it from them.

2.) Thank the float-riders!! If they throw you something make sure you give them a nice wave. As excited as you are to catch something, they are just as excited to throw it to you. Think of it like a gift. You would never receive a gift from someone without thanking them.

3.) Don’t steal someones spot by pushing them out of the way. That is just ugly.

4.) Don’t post people’s embarrassing drunken moments all over social media. That can be someones mom, grandpa, boss, etc. and you do not want to hurt their reputation. If you wouldn’t want it posted of you, don’t do it to them.

5.) Pro-Tip from my Grandmother: Know how to point people in the direction of the nearest port-a-potty.


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