Kindness Spotted

This week I was a little overwhelmed with school, getting a new job, and some Mardi Gras madness that I did not get to complete a kindness project like I usually like to. I was really upset over it all until I went grocery shopping today.

Since I live in a small college town the grocery store on Sundays is usually filled with students trying to get ready for the week. Well, when I went today I spotted an elderly couple trying to get through their list. The wife was a sweet short lady and the husband was confined to a wheel-chair, making it hard for either of them to reach the cereal on the top shelf. I’m quite short myself so when I tried to help I couldn’t reach either. I stayed with them for a minute to talk about a baseball game with the husband while we still tried to get that top-shelf cereal.

Then came a really tall college student who assisted the couple in reaching everything they needed in that aisle. He then made sure that they didn’t need any more help before going back to his own list.

Although that was just a small act of kindness that young man’s patience and empathy made all the difference. If we had more people like him, who are willing to take just a moment out of their days to help someone else, the world is guaranteed to be a better place. This week try to help make a difference in someone’s day by holding the door, putting their bags in the car, or anything else that may make them smile.