It Runs In The Family

Where it all began

Erica Hawkins, an educator, a crossfit fanatic, a mom of two (one of them being me), and most importantly the kindest person I know.

Erica lived with her dad for most of her life, following him all over the world as he got stationed with the Canadian Navy. Other than her older brother, Erica had to find new kids to play with everywhere she went. Making new pals in all of her new towns gave Erica the strong virtue of kindness.

Being an Educator

Erica’s education career started in a Miami public school by the name of Perrine Elementary School. When I got old enough to go to school I got to go to school with her, so I personally know the different types of children that went there. It was normal elementary school with an awesome performing arts academy but, because of its placement in Miami there was a strong mix of different socioeconomic backgrounds.

When talking to my mom she spoke on some of her experiences with different kids, but not once did she speak down on any of them. She loved every kid who walked in her door and continues to love them long after they left. As a teacher your goal is always to make sure kids leave your classroom with more knowledge then when they came in. Erica wanted to add something special to that though. Her main goal was to make sure that every child left her classroom knowing that someone loved them.

“She was kind and extremely thoughtful to every and all students. I was beyond lucky to have her as my 4th grade teacher. She played a big role in my educational development at a young age. I don’t know why but being in her class is more memorable to me than more recent teachers, I guess that’s just how special she is to me.”

-Past Student, Alexa Mederos  

My mom, My Role Model

My mom is one of the most important people in my life, and I feel so blessed that God let me be her child. She has always taught me the strong importance of kindness and loving people. The fire in my heart to serve people stemmed from her teaching me and showing me how to follow God’s steps in doing so. Her heart is one of pure gold and my little sister, Charlotte, and I both agree that my mom is the best role model anyone could ask for. I can only strive to be as caring as her. Her small efforts continue to make differences in everyone’s lives. The world is a better place because she is in it.