Kindness Spotted

Kindness Spotted in the form of my professor and her empathy for my hectic life

This last week was a crazy and almost impossible one to get through. Through all of this I also had a video project due. I love school and I know how to manage my time as well as any college student but the universe was seriously against me doing this project.

I decided to do my original video project at our local mall but it just was not happening.

  • The first time I was supposed to go I had an emergency and had to reschedule
  • Second time, the power had gone out
  • Third time, they closed early
  • Fourth time, they opened too late and I had to get to class
  • Fifth time, my boyfriend’s car broke down and he needed a ride.

I know that seems like just a long, made-up excuse but I promise it is true.

Now as much as I love my professor (I mean, shes amazing) she is known for being strict with deadlines and grades and just about everything. But, after going to her office and explaining everything to her, she gave me an extension. I don’t know if it was the stress I obviously had written across my face or the bags under my eyes, but she gave me the break I needed.

Her one act of kindness turned my impossible week, possible. It gave me a sense of relief. I am truly grateful that I have professors like her.

And since I know you’re reading this Mrs. Kasovich, this is my way of saying thank you.